What's Involved?

Workflow Balancing is one of the most important steps to ensuring a consistent experience, but it is often one of the most overlooked. Workflow Balancing includes not only quantifying and balancing all of the activity that goes on in stores, but implementing a process at the corporate level to ensure all departments are aligned on protecting the customer experience. Our process includes standardizing the collection of all task requests, evaluating and measuring the timely execution of tasks, balancing the workflow against the budget and defined service standards, and measuring the ROI around all activities at the store level. In addition, we support you in the implementation of processes and tools, review sessions with key stakeholders, process execution and performance measurement, analysis of customer facing time and alignment to service expectation. Deliverables include a Workflow Dashboard, establishment of a Workflow Council, Workflow Calendar, a ROI Diary and a Workflow Request Template.

What Are the Benefits?

The obvious goal is that Workflow (tasks) is balanced to ensure that stores can consistently deliver the desired customer experience and ensure the work that is being asked of them is executed timely and accurately and the payroll requirements are in line with the top-line payroll budget. This process can also result in significant organizational change including a more store-centric corporate office and increased employee engagement at the field level due to realistic workload requests.