What's Involved?

Many times with technology or operational change, Change Management and Education are an afterthought, the last line on the Project Plan. At SMK we know there is nothing more important to the adoption and the success of your project than effective education and change management. Our goal is to deliver a Communication, Education and Change Management strategy to ensure the entire organization is aligned to the objectives of any project and drive quick adoption of new methodologies and tools. We will work with you to establish a field advisory panel, execute strategy workshops and develop a customized education and communication plan. Deliverables may include a detailed impact analysis, sponsorship plan, communication plan and format, instructor led training plans and/or online learning tools, change management roadmap and change management scorecard.

What Are the Benefits?

You can expect faster adoption and consistent execution of new business processes to achieve your desired results faster.  Faster adoption means you will achieve your ROI faster and in a more sustained manner.