Podcast: Interview with Bill Anderson

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Hear from our CFO, Bill Anderson and CEO, Scott Knaul discussing the best ways to implement a labor model and the value it brings to your organization.

You can actually meet the world famous Bill Anderson and Scott Knaul from this podcast if you are attending KronosWorks in the coming week.  Stop by the SMK Workforce Solutions booth #703 to talk more about the topics in the podcast.


Spotlight on SMK Employee — Christine Eastburn

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Our next SMK Employee Spotlight story features one of our Global Retail Consultants, Christine Eastburn.

Christine is a tried and true retail professional who is fun to work with and is committed to delivering quality results. Her relationship with the leaders of SMK, started in the early 2000s when they all worked together at ANN INC. One of the best things about working with people again and again for different companies is that you are able to anticipate each other and manage things together seamlessly. It also never feels like work when you are with people that you enjoy being around.

When Christine isn’t working, she likes to travel and spend time with her husband and dog. They especially love going to motorcycle races at the Leguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California. Christine has a calm way about her, but an adventurous soul. You might find Christine and her husband jumping out of planes on the weekend, or hanging at home at watching a movie.


Super hero powers?

  • Flying and super strength

Three words to describe Christine:

  • Fun
  • Loyal
  • Honest

Most rewarding advice?

  • Not really advice, but a quote that has always struck me as simple, yet profound is “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.” ~ by Robert Frost. This quote always reminds me that no matter how difficult life may seem at times, whether due to work or personal situations, it’s important to remember that time moves on and the issue probably isn’t as dire as it seems in the moment. All we can do is make a choice each and every day about the outlook and attitude with whichwe’re going to approach people and situations.

Go-to karaoke song:

  • I would prefer to be a backup dancer than out front singing but if I had to sing with my besties it would probably be I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

Three things on her bucket list?

  • Skydiving
  • Going on a Safari
  • Too many travel places to count but one of the next on my list is the Maldives

Read more about Christine’s work experience by finding her on our Team Page here >>

Industry News — Booming jobs market is leaving the retail industry behind

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“Despite strength in jobs from manufacturing to medicine, retail is one of just two sectors that have lost jobs over the last few years. Since January 2017, retail has lost more than 140,000 jobs; the sector added to those losses in March 2019, according to Labor Department data. Retail is a sector where automation has been particularly present,” said PGIM’s Nathan Sheets. “U.S. consumers have manifest over many years that they want low prices, even if that means less help from workers on the floor.”

Where is everyone going?

For one, an aging baby boomer population has fueled employment in the health-care industry, while the post-crisis business sector has supported the addition of tens of thousands of jobs per month. The government’s Friday report on the employment situation showed the health care sector alone added 61,000 jobs in March, while the business industry tacked on another 37,000.”

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Industry News — A brush with change: 4 CEOs restyling beauty and personal care

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“What do Madison Reed, Glamsquad, Function of Beauty and Native have in common? They’re all digital natives successfully operating in a crowded space.”

“DTC — the feedback is instantaneous, you can communicate with every single one of your customers, you understand your marketing spend and customer acquisition costs, you understand what your customers want you to make next, you can have huge impacts to your business right away,” Ali said.

Tech Talk — NBCUniversal tunes into commerce with ShoppableTV

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This is SO cool! The productivty of being a couch potato has yes again multiplied.

“Comcast’s NBCUniversal today unveiled ShoppableTV, which lets viewers purchase products while watching TV shows by pointing their smartphone camera at a screen during “on-air shoppable moments.” NBC, NBC Sports, Telemundo, USA Network, Bravo, E! and CNBC Prime are among the company’s brands that will participate in the plan over the coming months, according to an announcement shared with sister publication Mobile Marketer.”

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Industry News — Retail Therapy: Steve Madden’s sky high plan to keep the ’90s alive

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We may or may not have had these in the 90s. What else will come back in the fashion from the 90s we wonder? But we can’t wear it again. Any of it. Okay, maybe flannels and cokers. Good for you, Steve Madden, for continuing to stay on top of trends.

“Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly. Jennifer and Brad (ouch, sorry). Gaucho pants and platform sandals. And thanks to Steve Madden, the last combo is inching back to becoming a reality again. The platform “Slinky” and thong-style sandals that almost every girl proudly wore in the ’90s are back making their unsolicited return at Urban Outfitters this season.”

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Industry News — Clouds on the horizon: What climate change means for retail

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“The world is on fire and retail is to blame. At least partially.” Yikes!

“Retail has both played a part in the perpetuation of climate change and absorbed its impact. Supply chain and sourcing have already changed due to weather patterns, and according to at least one estimate, the apparel industry releases half a million tons of microfibers into the ocean per year.”

We suspect that the next several years will bring alot of changes in retail and apparel production to be more sustainable. We’ve just scratched the surface but these figures are alarming to say the least!

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