Podcast: Interview with Bill Anderson

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Hear from our CFO, Bill Anderson and CEO, Scott Knaul discussing the best ways to implement a labor model and the value it brings to your organization.

You can actually meet the world famous Bill Anderson and Scott Knaul from this podcast if you are attending KronosWorks in the coming week.  Stop by the SMK Workforce Solutions booth #703 to talk more about the topics in the podcast.


Customer Engagement — Forget Instagram, Amazon Is The Influencer Platform Of The Future

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“Amazon moved into this [influencer] space in a big way,’ said Tim Sovay, COO of CreatorIQ, an influencer-marketing platform for managing campaigns. The company tracks millions of influencers and about 5 million brand deals. “If I’m a creator, I’m very interested in seeing what Amazon does in this space. I tend to believe when Amazon does something they tend to do it quite well.”

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Industry News — Neiman Marcus swings to a loss as Hudson Yards store debuts

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Neiman’s has been wanting a stake in the NYC market for years. After Saks Fifth Avenue opened a second store that has already closed due to lack of business, is this timing a bad idea for Neiman’s? Hudson Yard’s has alot of press, but so did The Oculus.

The new Neiman’s store is described as the “largest and most expensive private real estate in U.S. history.”

“The multi-level experiential store that offers “digital stylists” who connect with online shoppers, digitally-outfitted fitting rooms and the company’s smart mirrors, which record beauty demonstrations and makeup tutorials. The space also features an art collection and several upscale restaurants.”

It sounds like something to see.

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Customer Engagement — How Bloomingdale’s is using shop-in-shops to test wider retail strategy

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“For Bloomingdale’s, The Carousel serves as a way to bring in trendy, smaller brands to fill out the store with diverse options, while capitalizing on the organic buzz many of those brands generate for their smaller but loyal audiences. Harter said the brands represented are not necessarily DTC-focused but that Bloomingdale’s intentionally goes after exclusive products from brands and brands with limited distribution.”

“It’s important for us to offer shoppers products and brands they can’t find anywhere else,” said Harter. “When planning The Carousel assortment, we go after a combination of exclusive product, emerging and limited-distribution brands, over-the-top items and non-endemic merchandise that feeds the narrative.”

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Industry News — More than 50% of US households will have Amazon Prime in 2019

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“Counting the number of households with Prime memberships offers a new way of thinking about Amazon’s vast ecosystem influence. The increasing hold that Amazon’s Prime program has could be significant as the e-commerce giant gets more deeply involved in the smart home market, for example.”

Amazon is taking over! Do you have Amazon Prime?

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Customer Engagement — L’Oréal deepens personalized skincare focus with uBiome partnership

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“When it comes to skincare, people often audition product after product to determine what works for their unique skin,” said Guive Balooch, VP of L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator, during a panel session on Monday. “Our goal is to advance scientific research and leverage new technologies to change this relationship by allowing deeper levels of personalization.”

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Industry News — Is home goods the next retail sector ripe for disruption?

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“Retailers need to understand that it can’t be either online or physical, Hartjen said, but rather a partnership. “They come into a crux, a point, where they’re making decisions and it’s not a question of being a digital brand or a physical brand, but it’s a combination of the two…”

So much change in the industry. It will be interesting to see the exact formula for success evolve. Hopefully retailers can be nimble enough to ride the wave of change.

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Tone from the Top — 10 top retail executives on the state of the industry

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So many interesting topics discussed. Point of views from industry leaders that have so much vision. One of particular interest from Gap’s CEO, Art Peck:

“The historical model was: build a mall, tons of traffic, expensive rent and make it up in low conversion but highly productive traffic. The secret in the industry today is that traffic in many of these malls is not nearly as productive as it once was. The formula doesn’t work.”

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Customer Experience — Are non-shoppable showrooms a viable concept for brands?

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This is a creative concept for e-tailers. Here are some of the take-aways as to this philosophy:

  • There should be an option to purchase items in the showroom.
  • This is an ideal model for e-tailers
  • Greater convenience for purchasing items is essential
  • The major challenge is scale
  • Deeply reflective of the Hunker brand
  • Remembering Hunk is a publisher, not a retailer
  • Continues a trend for content companies to move into retail
  • Difficult to see as a mainstream model

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Tech Talk — Digital Transformation: The Rise of Autonomous Back-of-House Technologies

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“Just as consumer interfacing technologies are revolutionizing the shopping experience, evolving retail supply chain and back-of-house applications are creating a brave new world behind the scenes as well. The digital transformation of retail is equipping retailers with an array of innovative tools that enable them to compete more effectively in a crowded marketplace.”

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Industry News — Whole Foods Converting All 365 Stores to Namesake Moniker

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“All 365-bannered stores owned by Whole Foods – currently 12 open locations, according to the grocer’s website – will be converted into traditional Whole Foods stores by the year’s end…. The 365 concept was first rolled out almost four years ago and was intended to function as a fewer-frills, value-focused chain that emphasized private label products. Whole Foods’ flagship store brand is named 365 Everyday Value.

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