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Employee Engagement –Walmart to give bonuses for perfect attendance

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This article is particularly interesting to us! “Walmart introduced a new attendance program that is built on a scheduling policy revised last year, dubbed My Walmart Schedule. The feature lets associates swap shifts with coworkers and pick up more hours.”

The bonus is given to those employees who have perfect attendance outside of their “Protected PTO program” which gives hourly associates up to 48 hours (in most locations) to use when they unexpectedly can’t make it into work.’

We love this approach to Associates being able to manage their own schedules while also driving adoption and engagement around a new policy/process.

Tell us something that your company has done to drive engagment / adoption on a new policy or procedure.

Read more of Retail Dive’s article >>

Tone From the Top – ‘The right decisions are never tough decisions:’ Retail execs on taking a stand

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Leading business with a financial focus as a priority is a standard practice for most publicly traded companies; however, some companies go against the grain and stand up for what they believe in. Read about how “Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Levi Strauss provide examples at NRF 2019 of how to lead with conscience.” We are proud to be in an industry of people like this. Read more from Retail Dive’s article here >>

RETAIL DIVE: How Neiman Marcus’ CIO wants to frame customer experiences

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According to Neiman’s CIO, Sarah Miller, “Technology is the new store associate.” So what does that look like from a customer experience perspective? It needs to enable personalization versus an inundation of data. And just as important — it just “has to perform” because “customers are much more aware of what that experience should look like and so they’re defining that experience for us.” Read more >>

RETAIL DIVE: Why failing can still earn ‘bravo points’

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Continuous innovation isn’t just for tech companies. It should be an important piece of all company strategies and treated as such. This quote rings true for many retailers: “The backbone of the modern consumer preparation is innovation, yet innovation is often in a silo in business strategy.” How are your companies supporting and more importantly, celebrating, innovation? Read more >>

RETAIL DIVE: Patagonia doubles down on sustainability

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We love to see retailers that are change makers and shake things up a bit. In an industry that is clearly in transition, it could be considered a huge risk. Patagonia’s CEO Rose Marcario shares her thoughts on efforts to make “the retailer’s supply chain carbon neutral by 2025, and why taking a stand on the environment doesn’t hurt its business.” Read more from RETAIL DIVE’s article >>

RETAIL DIVE: American Eagle launches dressing room technology

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“Shoppers use touch-screens installed in each dressing room to scan items, look up product information, request additional sizes, see in-store inventory, calculate costs and email themselves product information. Sales associates receive notifications via mobile when a product is requested and can indicate when it has been fulfilled, thereby streamlining in-store logistics.” Read more >>